Wellness Toolkit

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Wellness Program

Wellness Toolkit

Wellness Toolkit

Click on the images below to view short, informative Adobe Spark Pages on different wellness topics, developed by Rec Sports Wellness interns from VCU's Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science program. 


Work and Be Well 
Cardiovascular Health   Move into Fitness
 Benefits of Wellness  Mindfulness at Work

Keep Calm and Stress Less
Keep Calm & Be Mindful Keep Calm & Manage Stress 
 Keep Calm & Yoga On  
Love Your Heart
Heart Healthy Mindfulness and Tips Heart Healthy Relationships
Heart Healthy Foods Blood Drive
Care to Be Aware
Care to be Aware: VCU Rec Sports River Safety Care to be Aware: Sun Safety
Care to be Aware: VCU Rec Sports Pool Safety  
View the VCU and VCU Health System Employee Wellness Newsletter:

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