Wellness Program


Wellness in Motion

Wellness in Motion

Wellness in Motion provides educational opportunities (workshops, lectures, classes, resources) to empower the community to make healthy choices regarding nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress relief.  We offer a menu of programs for individuals and for departments for formal and informal programs. All of our programs include an educational component and an interactive activity.

Our Wellness staff can provide your group with a workshop on any related topic.  

Topics include:

  • Move into Fitness
  • Active & Healthy You
  • Deskercise
  • Chair Yoga
  • Mindful Workouts
  • Recreational Sports: What We Offer
  • Benefits of Massage

All wellness programs are customized to each individual group's needs. Have another idea for a topic? Suggestions are welcomed!

Through purposeful collaborations with campus wellness partners, we are excited to provide resources, information, and programming for a diverse student population with unique needs. If you have a special idea, program, or competition that you have in mind that you think we could help support, please feel free to contact us.

Fees are based on a presentation of up to 1 hour with 1 presenter. The presentation can be shorter, but there is a one-hour minimum fee. 

  • VCU Student Organization  $25/hr
  • VCU Department  $30/hr
  • Non-VCU Community Price $40/hr

To request a Wellness in Motion, please fill out our Request form

Additional fees may be charged for extra presenters, off-campus locations or longer presentations. Please provide at least two weeks notice for all wellness programs.