Wellness Program


Spiritual Wellness

Finding harmony and sense of purpose to lead a meaningful life.

If you are spiritually well, you are able to: Spiritual Wellness Tips
  1. Make time for relaxation every day.
  2. Make time for meditation and/or prayer.
  3. Be accepting of views from others.
  1. Learn meditation and/or yoga.
  2. Take time to reflect everyday.
  3. Forgive freely.


University Services to Enhance Spiritual Wellness

VCU Department of Patient Counseling provides clinical education for pastoral care professionals as well as other healthcare providers in the spiritual care of patients and families within an interdisciplinary context.

VCU Spiritual Life where you can can request information from any of the faith-based student organizations at VCU.

VCU Recreational Sports offers a wide range of yoga and meditation classes throughout the week.