Wellness Program


Financial Wellness

Securing a positive relationship with your finances which may include debt management, budgeting, saving and smart investing.


If you are financially well, you are able to: 

Financial Wellness Tips


    1. Have control over your day-to-day finances.
    2. Manage your money.
    3. Avoid impulse buying.


    1. Find out where you are overspending.
    2. Put away 10% of your paycheck every month.
    3. Choose 1 day a week where you won’t spend any money.
    4. Carry cash. 


    Campus Resources for Enhancing Financial Wellness
    Student Commons and Activities

    USC&A Finance team assists you with your financial needs for your student organization.

    Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

    Financial Aid connects VCU students and their families with programs and resources that help make college affordable.

    Student Accounting coordinates the assessment, billing and collection of tuition, housing and dining charges, and other university fees.

    Center on Society and Health is an academic research center that studies the health implications of social factors—such as education, income, neighborhood and community environmental conditions, and public policy.