Wellness Program


Environmental Wellness

Creating a positive and sustainable living/working environment.

If you are environmentally well, you are able to: Environmental Wellness Tips
  1. Be aware of earth’s natural resources and their limits.
  2. Consciously choose to live in ways that protect the world around you.
  3. Make time to recycle and compost.
  1. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving.
  2. Start recycling.
  3. Plant and start a garden.
  4. Use natural cleaning products.


Campus Resources for Enhancing Environmental Wellness

RAMSway is a series of routes connecting key locations, such as classroom buildings, gyms, libraries, residence halls, and parking decks, on the campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Office of Environmental Health and Safety strives to advance and support a safe and healthful environment at VCU and VCUHS.

Center on Society and Health is an academic research center that studies the health implications of social factors—such as education, income, neighborhood and community environmental conditions, and public policy.

Outdoor Adventure Program serves VCU students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests by providing low-cost outdoor activity-based trips, including whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, caving, hiking, backpacking and skiing.

VCU RamBikes is a full service repair shop that allows students, faculty and staff to work on their personal bikes or utilize our own RamBikes technicians for free.

OAP Bike Shop is a free resource available to VCU students, faculty, and staff that helps you maintain and repair your own bike.