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photo of wushu club members
Quick Facts

Nature of club

Wushu Club at VCU members train in the art of modern Kungfu. Advanced members may learn traditional forms, weapons, and other styles. Basic conditioning exercises and forms are essential and a main part of Wushu Clubs training. Classes have a chill and relaxed atmosphere. 

Practice Sessions: 3 sessions/week, 2 hours/session

Practice Location: MCV Camous Recreation Center

Recent Accomplishments (2017-18):

  • 2017 United States National Wushu Team Member
  • 2017 United States Universaide Wushu Team Member
  • 2017 20th Collegiate Wushu Tournament
    • 1st Place Advance Male Chanquan
    • 1st Place Advance Male Non-nandu Jianshu
  • 2017 12th University Wushu Games
    • 1st Place Beginner Female Changquan
    • 1st Place Beginner Female Broad Swor
    • 1st place Beginner Female Straight Sword
    • 3rd Place Advance Male Qiangshu
    • 3rd Place Advance Male Nanquan
    • 1st Place Advance Male Tai-chi

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