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Nature of club
Competitive, Recreational, Instructional

We teach Historical European Martial Arts, which covers the art of and use of weapons and systems including: longsword, greatsword, rapier, dagger, sword & buckler, saber, and more, with our main instruction being longsword. Previous background in anything related is not necessary, and we will take you where you want to go! If you want to compete at the national level, we have the resources. If you want to simply learn, we have you covered! We teach people from square one, get them fluent, fluid, and fencing, and then go from there. We provide the basic gear needed to participate.

Practice Location: Cary Street Gym MAC

Practice Time: 3 sessions/week, 3 hours/session

Regular Opponents: CKDF, RKDF, MKDF, FKDF, and more

Recent Accomplishments  

  • First US college HEMA club utilizing steel and conducting tournaments in the country.
  • Last Rampoint received national attention and praise, and went down in the local newspaper.

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