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Nature of club

We teach historical fencing based on historical text and treatises. We train our members in the fundamentals of German longsword, as well as military saber, polearms and dagger. We host a regional competition in November and a national competition in February.

Governing Body: Historical European Martial Arts Alliance (HEMAA)

League: Longpoint League

Practice Location: Cary Street Gym

Practice Time: 2 sessions/week, 2.5-3 hours/session

Regular Opponents: Richmond Kunst des Fechtens and Capital Kunst des Fechtens

Recent Accomplishments (2017-18): 

  • Awarded the 2018 Organizational Excellence Award at the Annual Sport Club Honors Reception
  • Awarded the 2017 President of the Year Awar at the Annual Sport Club Honors Reception
  • Placed First in Rampoint, the first national scholastic HEMA tournament

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