A row of students are seen from the side, with archery bows drawn

The Archery Club is both a competitive and a recreational club.

Badminton club members

The goal of the Badminton Club at VCU is to provide an enjoyable and healthy environment for those who wish to practice and compete.

Members of VCU Club Baseball pose for a team photo in uniform

The Baseball Club at VCU aims to provide participants the chance to play after high school without making a major commitment to the sport.

VCU Club WSomen's Basketball Icon
Women's Basketball

The Women's Basketball Club at VCU values teamwork, great sportsmanship and a passion for basketball while competing against other clubs in the region.

crew club members

The Crew Club at VCU trains every morning on the James River and competes against clubs across the east coast.

VCU Cycling Club icon

Check out the Cycling Club at VCU if you are an avid cyclist or an interested beginner. The club accepts all skill levels.

Dodgeball club members

The Dodgeball Club at VCU is an active club that regularly competes with other collegiate clubs.

Member jumps hurdle on horse

This club welcomes new and experienced members. Reach out to the Equestrian Club at VCU to learn more about the sport and culture of the club.

Photo of Field Hockey Club members.
Field Hockey

The Field Hockey Club at VCU is a group of experienced and inexperienced players who come together to have fun and compete.

photo of figure skating members
Figure Skating

Figure Skating Club is a fun way to learn how to skate and make new friends! No prior experience is necessary.

hema club members

The Historical European Martial Arts Club at VCU teaches fencing based on historical texts and treatises.

men's ice hockey club members
Ice Hockey

The Ice Hockey Club at VCU is a full contact, tiered competitive club that is inclusive to all skill levels.

Judo club members

The Judo Club at VCU practices a Japanese grappling martial art that enables smaller individuals to defeat larger, less-skilled opponents.

Members of VCU Men's Lacrosse Club pose for a team photo in uniform
Men's Lacrosse

The Men's Lacrosse Club at VCU helps build individual and club lacrosse skills while creating a camaraderie between club members.

Photo of the Women's Lacrosse Club members
Women's Lacrosse

The Women's Lacrosse Club at VCU is a group of passionate athletes who want to be a part of a team filled with outgoing women.

Photo of the Olympic Weightlifting club members
Olympic Weightlifting

The goal of the Olympic Weightlifting club at VCU is to help one another improve in both competitive and non-competitive atmospheres.

VCU Paintball Club icon

The Paintball Club at VCU is comprised of experienced and inexperienced members that encourage a healthy lifestyle through paintball.

Photo of the Powerlifting Club at VCU members

The Powerlifting Club at VCU accepts powerlifters of all experience levels and competes at the local, state, and national level.

photo of quidditch club members

The Quidditch Club at VCU is a co-ed, highly competitive, hybrid sport. Both on and off the pitch, the team strives to foster an environment of community, creativity, and cooperation.

Photo of the Men's Rugby club members
Men's Rugby

The Men's Rugby Club at VCU is fun and fast-paced. It's also a great way to stay in shape, make new friends, and have a great time.

Members of VCU Women's Club Rugby pose for a team photo in uniform
Women's Rugby

The Women's Rugby Club at VCU offers players of all experience levels the chance to play rugby, a mix between soccer and football.

Photo of the Running Club at VCU members

The goal of the Running Club at VCU is to create an enjoyable community for recreational and competitive runners.

Photo of the Ski and Snowboard Club members
Ski & Snowboard

The purpose of The Ski & Snowboard Club at VCU is to bring together a community of people who are interested in Skiing and Snowboarding.

Photo of Men's Soccer Club members
Men's Soccer

The Men's Soccer Club at VCU provides an outlet for students to de-stress from classes and meet new people, while playing a sport they love.

Members of VCU Club Women's Soccer pose for a team photo in uniform
Women's Soccer

The Women's Soccer Club at VCU provides women who enjoy the sport the opportunity to continue after high school.

VCU Softball Club icon

The Softball Club at VCU strives for personal and club improvement in a fun environment.

Members of VCU Club Swimming pose for a team photo in uniform

The purpose of the Swimming Club at VCU is to allow students, faculty, and staff to collaborate in club exercises and to improve their swimming ability.

Photo of the Table Tennis Club at VCU members
Table Tennis

The Table Tennis Club at VCU aims to create a casual and competitive environment for students interested in the sport.

Photo of the Tennis Club at VCU

The Tennis Club at VCU is dedicated to providing a safe space for beginner and intermediate players looking to learn new skills and existing current ones.

Members of the Men's Club Ultimate Frisbee at VCU pose for a team photo in uniform
Men's Ultimate Frisbee

The Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club at VCU provides players the chance to learn techniques of the sport in a recreational or competitive environment.

Womens Ultimate Frisbee Club icon
Women's Ultimate Frisbee

The Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club at VCU is a close-knit club of women that compete in an up-and-coming sport and aim to create and sustain a supportive and positive environment on and off the field.

Photo of the Men's Volleyball Club
Men's Volleyball

The Men’s Volleyball Club at VCU aims to spread a passion for the sport and to build friendships between club members.

Photo of the Women's Volleyball Club at VCU members
Women's Volleyball

The Women's Volleyball Club at VCU is competitive and plays in multiple tournaments per semester against collegiate club teams in Virginia and the surrounding states.

Members of the Waterpolo Club at VCU pose for a team photo in a pool
Water Polo

The Water Polo Club at VCU welcome all skill levels, whether you have never heard of the sport before or you are a seasoned veteran.

VCU Wrestling Club

The Wrestling Club at VCU is a club where people with all skill levels can participate and have fun.

photo of wushu club members

Members of the Wushu Club at VCU train in the art of modern Kungfu.