Special Events

Instructor and students dancing in Group Ex Studio

Special Events

Special Events Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Rec Sports In the Park - March 18 - April 22

Yoga Day - March 27

Water Safety Fest - May 2


A student tosses a frisbee in Monroe Park

 Rec Sports In the Park 

Celebrate Spring with your fellow Rams in Monroe Park. These free activities are held 6:00 -7:00 p.m. Drop by for some fun! 

March 18 Slacklining and Tailgate Games
March 26 Outdoor Yoga
April 3 Slacklining and Tailgate Games
April 6 Outdoor Yoga
April 14 Slacklining and Tailgate Games
April 22 Outdoor Yoga

A yoga class participant holds a pose

Yoga Day

March 27, 2020, Cary Street Gym

Join us for a day filled with lengthening and strengthening! Yoga Day will feature unique yoga styles suitable for both the new and advanced yogi. All classes will be held in Cary Street Gym Group Exercise Studio unless otherwise noted. 

No registration needed, except for What'S.U.P. Yogi 

Rise with the Sun, Smell the Roses!
7:30-8:30 a.m.
Instructors: Carolyn, Mikayla, Hannah

Wake up and start your day with classic Vinyasa Yoga incorporating Sun Salutations and essential oils. Oils will be used to invigorate our senses as we flow through class, opening our hearts to the energy of the Sun and leaving our worries in yesterday!  

Root to Rise
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Instructors: Sydney & Carmen, Emily H., Amanda

This class is dedicated to activating and engaging with our 1st chakra of the body: Muladhara. With Muladhara’s energy being based on the earth element, the class will be centered around a sequence of grounding postures, and conclude with a guided meditation that will leave us feeling secure and supported from within, and open to whatever lies ahead!

1:15-2:30 p.m.
Instructors: Thomas, Shahla, Chrisanthi

Kundalini means “coiled snake.” With a mix of movement, dynamic breathing techniques, and meditation we will uncoil the snake of the spine to create an energized and spiritual awakening. This is an hour-long class, followed by a 15-minute meditation.

What'S.U.P. Yogi
Register through SUP YOGA
2:40-3:10 p.m. and 3:15-3:45 p.m.
Aquatic Center
Instructors: Thomas & Summer, Jet, Julia H.

Enjoy the ancient practice of Yoga combined with Stand Up Paddle Boarding! These classes take your favorite yoga routines and put them on the water to challenge your balance and discover the healing power of bringing yoga to the fluid element of the water. Both yoga and stand up paddleboarding are great for building better balance, coordination, endurance, and body strength. Please come prepared in a bathing suit and fitness shorts.

Self-Care Meditation and Flow
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Instructors: Jet, Alexa, Sophia

Move through a soft flow and restorative practice while meditating on the importance and the meaning of self-love. Introduce yourself to productive, sustainable self-care habits like aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and journaling. 

Chakra Yoga
5:15-6:15 p.m.
Instructors: Sarah, Casey, Steph

Get ready to balance your chakras from root to crown. In this vinyasa class, you’ll go through a series of poses specifically chosen to help you cleanse, balance, and open all seven energy centers of your body. All levels of yogi are invited to move, learn, and deepen their practice!

Weight, Did You Say Yoga?
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Instructors: Jess, Casey, Emma, Kim C.

Welcome to Weighted Yoga! In today's class, we'll find an invigorating and challenging Power Yoga flow with weights to strengthen and intensify our practice! Choose your dumbbells and come sweat it out on the mat with us. This flow is scalable and open to all levels, so bring a friend and have fun! We can't "weight" to see you! 

Water Safety Fest

May 2, 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Cary Street Gym Aquatic Center

More details to come!