Outdoor Leadership Certificate

An OAP Instructor stands in the middle of a stream. OAP participants sit on boulders in the stream, surrounding the instructor.
Outdoor Leadership Certificate

The Outdoor Adventure Program is partnering with VCU's Center for Environmental Studies to provide hands-on experience and training for students interested in pursuing leadership roles in private and government land management, the outdoor recreation industry, field research, environmental education, ecotourism and other fields. The certificate is the natural outgrowth of eight years of successful collaborative programming between the Center and the OAP. 

The undergraduate Outdoor Leadership Certificate is open to all majors. The program will require a minimum of 12 credits in courses such as outdoor leadership, outdoor programming and event management, outdoor team building and facilitation, expedition planning and wilderness first aid.

Number of Credit Hours: 12-16 credits

View the VCU Bulletin: Certificate in Outdoor Leadership course information

All students will be required to complete core coursework.

Core Courses – 12 credits

  • ENVS 260. Outdoor Leadership (3)
  • ENVS 360. Outdoor Programming and Event Management (3)
  • ENVS 361. Outdoor Team Building & Facilitation (3)
  • ENVS 460. Wilderness First Responder (3)

Optional Electives – 3-4 credits

This category is optional. Students can select one course from the following list of courses.

  • ENVS 491. Topics in Environmental Studies (1-4)
  • ENVS 492. Independent Study (1-3)

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Spring 2022 Courses

ENVS 461: Wilderness Policy & Practice

  • CRN: 39520
  • Tuesday / Thursday 9:30-10:45am ; Includes Spring break expedition component
  • Course application link here. Application due 11/30/21.

ENVS 591: Swiftwater Safety

  • CRN: 40115
  • Semester meeting times vary (weekends in April)

ENVS 260: Outdoor Leadership

  • CRN: 39704
  • Tuesday / Thursday 2-3:15pm

ENVS 360: Outdoor Programming and Event Management

  • CRN:39705
  • Monday / Wednesday 2-3:15pm

ENVS 460: Wilderness First Responder

  • CRN: 42130 
  • Winter Break experiential course, semester meeting times vary