Outdoor Adventure Program

Student Outdoor Leadership Experience

The OAP offers Student Outdoor Leadership Experiences (SOLE). This intensive training is the foundation of the OAP trips program and is designed to provide opportunities for skill development, personal growth, and leadership experience for potential OAP student leaders. Using the outdoors as our classroom, participants will also gain a connection to the natural world and consider how to provide similar experiences on OAP trips.

Those who take part in this course can expect professional training in group dynamics, teaching techniques, decision making, risk management, backcountry travel, technical outdoor skills, and leave no trace principles.This training will be both exciting and demanding.

We want individuals who are willing to make a commitment, not only to the program but also to themselves. There is a significant time requirement associated with the SOLE program. Participants should be motivated and have fundamental leadership skills, physical ability, and some outdoor experience. Those who do stay with the program will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience that begins to lay the foundation for a future as an outdoor leader.

Early Summer 2021 SOLE Training Dates (Block Format)

Dates: May 15 - June 4, 2021

SOLE is an intensive outdoor adventure leadership training experience that is required of all students wishing to lead trips for the OAP. Participants MUST be available for ALL dates listed below.  This year's training will be in a 21-day block format, meaning that for 3 weeks straight you will be in training.  Over the course of these three weeks, you receive professional training in teambuilding, wilderness first aid, leave-no-trace, backpacking, mountain biking, caving, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, bike touring, sea kayaking, and rock climbing.  

Application for Early Summer 2021 Intensive. Please print out and complete the application. Applications are due April 11, 2021.

Join us for Zoom informational meetings:

Tuesday, March 30, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 1, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Questions and completed application materials can be submitted to Karl Schmidt, Outdoor Adventure Program Trips Coordinator, at kmschmidt@vcu.edu or delivered to the Outing Rental Center. Karl can also be reached at (804) 828-1274 or outdoors@vcu.edu