Equipment Rental


Outdoor Adventure Program

Equipment Rental

In addition to serving as headquarters for the Outdoor Adventure Program, the Outing Rental Center offers low rental rates on items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, stoves, coolers, canoes and volleyball sets. We also have books, maps, videos, and trail guides covering a variety of areas and activities. VCU students and current Recreational Sports members may participate.

The Outing Rental Center is located at 130 South Linden Street. It is on the east end of the Cary Street Field, and across from the Cary Street Gym. Call 804.828.6004 to reach the ORC directly. 


OAP Season Pass
Go outside more without breaking the bank. The new OAP season pass is the best way to see more beautiful rivers, mountains, and backcountry sites. It works just like a season’s pass at a ski resort. Pay one fee and check out all the gear you can for an entire semester.

VCU Students: $50/semester
Recreational Sports members: $75/semester


Rental Rates
  • A current VCU ID is required to rent equipment.
  • Reservations may be made by paying the full price of the rental in advance. No refunds will be given on reservations.
  • There is a $20 service fee for returned checks.
  • Weekend rentals: check out on Friday, return Monday.
Equipment Student Day/Weekend Rate Rec Sports Member Day/Weekend Rate
General Camping    
Backpack $4/8 $5/10
Head Lamp $2/4 $3/6
Sleeping Pads $2/4 $3/6
Ice Chest (small) $3/6 $4/8
Sleeping Bags $4/8 $5/10
Stove (1 burner) $3/6 $4/8
Stove (2 burners) $4/8 $6/12
Tent (2 person) $5/10 $6/12
Tent (4 person) $7/14 $9/18
Backpacking Package $15/30 $20/40
Water Sports    
Canoe Package $15/30 $20/40
Whitewater Kayak Package $10/20 $15/30
Sit-On-Top Kayak Package $10/20 $15/30
SUP Package $10/20 $15/30
PFD $2/4 $3/6
Wet Suit & Splash Top $3/6 $4/8
Kayak Paddle $3/6 $4/8
Canoe Paddle $2/4 $3/6
Climbing Shoes $3/6 $4/8
Crash Pad  $4/8 $6/12
Climbing/caving Helmet $3/6 $4/8
Mountain Bike $8/16 $10/20
Road Bike $8/16 $10/20
Bike Helmet $3/6 $4/8
Cam Straps $2/2 $3/3
Inner Tubes $3/6 $4/8