Personal Training

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Personal Training


Personal Training

Here at Rec Sports, our trainers are dedicated fitness professionals who are committed to your progress and provide support no matter your background in fitness. You will be guided through an exercise program customized to meet your needs and specific goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, learn how to exercise on your own, break a plateau, or recovery from a previous injury, our trainers can help. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.‌

Current Offerings: 

  • Basic Fitness Assessment and Consultation
  • Individual Personal Training packages of 3, 6, 12 or 18 sessions
  • Partner Training packages of 3, 6, 12 or 18 sessions

*Not what you’re looking for? Try our Small Group Training program.  

Basic Fitness Assessment and Consultation includes:

  • 1.5 hours with a trainer to discuss your goals, history, experience, and inquiries

  • An assessment of your current fitness level analyzing each component of fitness: body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility.

  • Tips to advance your current fitness routine to help you bust through your plateaus and continue improving

Personal Training Packages include:

  • A periodized program designed to enhance each component of fitness (cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition) while focusing on your specific goals

  • 1 hour-long exercise sessions with your trainer

  • Exercise instruction to improve technique and performance

  • Exercise progression for continued gains

  • 1 Fitness Assessment for 3 session packages to measure baseline fitness levels

  • 2 Fitness Assessments for 6 and 12 session packages to measure progress

Whether your goals and interests are general or specific, our Personal Trainers can help you achieve them!

How Do I Register for Personal Training? 

  1. Rec Sports members, please fill out the Personal Training Registration Form 
  2. After our staff reviews your paperwork, they will contact you to discuss any extra paperwork you may need OR instruct you to purchase sessions through the MyRecSports portal (please do not purchase sessions until instructed to do so). 
  3. When instructed to pay, click the link below for your desired package, and it will direct you to our MyRecSports portal to purchase. 
  4. Your trainer will contact you within 48 hours of purchase to set up your first meeting!

One-on-One Clients: Use the links below to purchase your choice of session packages. 

Sessions Student Rec Sports Members:
Rec Sports members:
Additional Adult,
Alumni, Community
Basic Fitness Assessment $30 $45 $55
3 sessions $90 $120 $135
6 sessions $160 $220 $250
12 sessions $280 $400 $450
18 sessions $390 $550 $610

Partner Training Clients (2 people): Use the links below to purchase your choice of session package. Each partner must purchase their own package. 

Sessions Student Rec Sports Members: 
Rec Sports members: 
Additional Adult, 
Alumni, Community
3 sessions $50 $70 $80
6 sessions $90 $130 $140
12 sessions $150 $220 $250 
18 sessions  $210 $320 $340


Recreational Sports Guidelines regarding unsanctioned training and teaching in facilities:

Organized activities that are conducted during informal recreation hours, which are not sponsored by Recreational Sports, will not be permitted in any of the facilities without special permissions.

  • Only Recreational Sports Personal Fitness Trainers are allowed to train patrons in facilities
  • Only Recreational Sports Fitness Instructors or persons authorized by Recreational Sports professional staff may lead activities or teach classes.