Group Exercise Program Guidelines

  • CLASS ATTENDANCE. Group Exercise Classes are free for all members.

    • RESERVE A SPACE ONLINE to guarantee your spot in a group exercise class.

      • You must arrive 5 minutes prior to class time to ensure your spot in the class.

      • Registered participants who are not present (5 minutes prior to class) forfeit their registration and may join the class by DROP IN, if space is available.

      • SPECIAL NOTE: Three (3) "no-shows" will deactivate a participant's account for the semester.

    • DROP IN. If space is available you may drop in to a class up to 5 minutes before class.

      • Once all registered participants are admitted to the class, DROP IN participants will be admitted based on remaining spots available for class.



  • TO CANCEL A REGISTRATION for a group exercise class, please call our service desk at 804-827-1100 with the date/time/class name
  • BE ON TIME. For your safety and to ensure a pleasant experience, no one will be allowed in the class after the class begins.

  • CELL PHONES PROHIBITED DURING CLASS. Please turn your cell phone to silent or off.

  • PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN A LOCKER. Please place your personal possessions in a locker prior to class start time. Items not secured or unattended will be placed in the lost and found at the service desk.

  • RESPECT EACH OTHER. Unruly or aggressive behavior, foul language, and/or persistent unsportsmanlike conduct is prohibited.

  • APPROPRIATE ATHLETIC APPAREL MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES as detailed in the Recreational Sports Dress Code. Special notes for Group Exercise spaces:

    • Tennis shoes must be worn in all classes excluding mind-body (Pilates, Yoga) and dance classes (Ballet, Jazz, Modern styles only).

    • For cycling class no loose or baggy pants are allowed.

  • EXERCISE SAFELY. Recreational Sports Staff reserves the right to prohibit any exercise or use of equipment that they deem unsafe to patrons or equipment/facility.

  • ONLY WATER ALLOWED. All other food and drink are not permitted in this area.

  • RESPECT OUR STAFF. Follow all instructions provided by Recreational Sports Staff.

This space is for the exclusive use of Group Exercise Programs and reservations only.  
All other activities will be at the discretion of Recreational Sports staff.