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Beginner Olympic-Style Weightlifting

Learn your lifts! If you've mastered the squat, press and deadlift, it's time to add some power! The Beginner Olympic-style Weightlifting class will introduce you to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting: the statch and clean & jerk. No prior Olympic weightlifting experience is required. At least 1-2 years of resistance training experience is recommended. This 8-week class meets three times per week in the Power Training Room at the MCV Campus Recreation Center. 

Next session: will be offered in Fall 2018 as one of our new Instructional Programs 

SessionSession DatesDaysTimeRegister
Beginner Oly  9/24 - 11/16 Mon, Wed, Fri 6:30 - 7:30 a.m. 8/20 - 9/21