Fitness and Wellness

Group Exercise Classes

RecWell offers a variety of group exercise classes for all fitness levels which are FREE for all RecWell members! Classes are taught by trained student instructors and are held at Cary Street Gym, MCV Campus Recreation Center, and through virtual live streaming.

Register for a class

Registration opens 24 hours before the class starts. To register for a group exercise class, click on the link in the schedule below. Once you are logged in to MyRecSports you will be directed to the class registration page. 

Need to cancel a class?

To cancel your registration for a group exercise class, log in to MyRecSports, select your Profile (upper right corner), select Programs (left column), and select the class you wish to cancel. The class must be canceled no later than five minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

Interested in booking a class for your group or organization? Learn more about our Private Group Exercise Classes 

Meet our Instructors! 

Want to become a Group Ex Instructor? Learn about our ACE Prep Courses. 

Current Class Schedules 

All schedules are subject to change. 

Spring 2022 through May 13

Cary Street Gym Schedule - Spring 2022 (Google Sheets - Calendar and List Views) 

MCV Campus Recreation Center Schedule -  Spring 2022 (Google Sheets - Calendar and List Views)

Summer 2022 (begins May 16)

Cary Street Gym and MCV Campus Rec Center (Google Sheets - Calendar and List Views)