Fitness Certifications

Rec Sports is proud to partner with nationally recognized fitness organizations to bring our community certifications, workshops, and continuing educational opportunities. Check this site regularly for upcoming events.

Click the links in the class chart below, to register at the certifying organization's website.

Certifying Organization  ClassDate
YogaFit Level Two: Communication October 13
YogaFit Level One: Foundations November 3
BarreAbove Instructor Certification October 20

YogaFit Level One
The first step on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher or simply deepening your practice, Level One provides the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science. 

YogaFit Level Two
Dive deeper into YogaFit’s transformational language in Level Two to effectively communicate what you know. Using physical cues, mental imagery, and positive affirmations, you’ll learn to foster a safe, nurturing environment for all students, regardless of their experience or ability.

Fusing the best of Pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above delivers a results-driven workout that is fun and dynamic. 

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