Swim Lessons

MCV Campus Rec & Aquatic Center is closed through Mon,1/22, due to major HVAC system leak. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with contractors and VCU FMD to repair as quickly as possible. We tentatively expect to reopen Tue, 1/ 23. This is subject to change. Larrick Student Center is open. Details at our Facility Status page.



Swim Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons

VCU Aquatics offers three different levels of group swim lessons that are designed to help adults who want to learn an array of swimming techniques, ranging from overcoming common fears of the water to learning and refining strokes.

Children's Swim Lessons

VCU Aquatics offers 10 levels of swim lesson classes for children of Recreational Sports members and non-members. All classes are offered at Cary Street Gym Aquatic Center.

Private / Semi- Private Swim Lessons

Private and Semi-private swim lessons are designed to meet your individual swimming needs from basic to advanced swimmers. Our American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors will tailor your classes to meet your swimming and fitness goals. Instructors are assigned according to your schedule, instructor availability and your specific needs.

Recreational Sports Guidelines regarding unsanctioned training and teaching in facilities:

Organized activities that are conducted during informal recreation hours, which are not sponsored by Recreational Sports, will not be permitted in any of the facilities without special permissions.

  • Only Recreational Sports Water Safety Instructors are allowed to teach swim lessons in facilities.