Frequently Asked Questions

What am I allowed/not allowed to wear in the pool?

While in the Aquatic Center Pools or Spa, patrons must dress as follows:

  1. Wear clean swim attire that is specifically designed for swimming.  
  2. Wearing any non-swim attire such as bras, underwear/boxers, socks, cotton items, or jeans are prohibited in these areas.
  3. Swim attire must not be transparent.  
  4. No shoes other than water shoes or water socks are permitted in the pools or spa.

Why do I have to be within arm’s length of my child?

While in any area of the building with your child YOU are the primary responder for their care and are responsible for watching over them at all times. While you are in the pool, if your child is under the age of 8 or cannot swim, you must be within arm’s length for their safety. Even if your child is playing in the zero depth entry of the leisure pool at Cary Street Gym you must be in a swim suit in the water with them. 

Why do I have to shower before swimming?

Showering helps rinse off the oils and lotion residues on your body that could affect the pH of the water. If everyone entered the pool or spa after working out, the pH and chlorine would be hard to control.

What’s the difference between Swim Lessons and Water Fitness?

Our Swim Lesson programs are designed for varying levels of swimming experience to learn to swim or refine strokes. Water Fitness classes are group exercise classes that occur in the pool.

Where do I apply to work for Aquatics?

Visit our Employment Page. Check the left side of the page and find the position you are interested in applying for (Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructor). If we are currently hiring for that position there will be a link that says “Apply Online”, click the link and fill out the form completely before clicking submit at the bottom of the page.  

What temperatures are the pools kept at?

Cary Street Gym Aquatic Center pools average temperatures are as follows: Activity pool 81-83 degrees, Leisure Pool 83-85 degrees, Spa 100-103 degrees.

MCV Campus Aquatic Center pools average temperatures are as follows: Pool 81-83 degrees, Spa 100-103 degrees.

Why do you not have goggles for me to borrow when I come to the pool?

To eliminate disease transmission we do not have goggles at the pool to borrow. Please bring your own goggles to use in the pools.