Spring Break Hours March 2020

Spring Break hours run March 7 - March 15, 2020 

Cary Street Recreation Complex Hours

MCV Campus Recreation Center Hours

Cary Street Recreation Complex

Notes: Cary Street Field is closed through Spring Break.
The Outing Rental Center and Cary Street Gym Climbing Wall are closed during Spring Break. 

Date Cary St. Gym CSG Aquatic Center CSG Member Services Thalhimer Tennis Center
Sat 3/7 8am-8pm 8am-7:30pm 10am-2pm CLOSED
Sun 3/8 9am-8pm 9am-7:30pm CLOSED CLOSED
Mon 3/9 - Fri 3/13 5:45am-10pm 5:45-9am;
7am-7pm CLOSED
Sat 3/14 8am-8pm 8am-7:30pm 10am-2pm CLOSED
Sun 3/15 9am-8pm 9am-7:30pm CLOSED CLOSED

MCV Campus Recreation Center
Date MCV Campus Recreation Center MCV Campus
Aquatic Center
MCV Campus Member Services
Sat 3/7 8am-8pm CLOSED CLOSED
Sun 3/8 9am-8pm CLOSED CLOSED
Mon 3/9 - Thur 3/12 5:45am-10pm 5:45-8am; 11am-2pm; 4-8pm 3pm-7pm
Fri 3/13 5:45am-8pm 5:45-8am; 11am-2pm; 4-8pm 3pm-7pm
Sat 3/14 8am-8pm CLOSED CLOSED
Sun 3/15 9am-8pm CLOSED CLOSED