Space Reservations and Rentals

Recreational Sports offers registered student organizations, university departments, and, on a limited basis, non-VCU organizations the opportunity to reserve space for special events. Experienced staff will help groups plan their event by assisting with details such as facility setup, rental equipment, and event supervision.

Please visit our rental space and rates page for more information on available spaces.

Contact: Dan Spector, Scheduling & Events Coordinator
Phone: 804.828.8190

Facility Request Forms & Procedures

Request Dates

Space Request Forms

Facility Request Forms & Procedures

The guidelines below describe the process needed to reserve space.   

  1. Requests for space must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event.  

    1. Requests for complex events* must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event.

    2. Requests for events involving participants under the age of 18 must be submitted at least 45 days in advance in order to comply with the Safety & Protection of Minors Policy.   

  2. Recreational Sports staff will reach out to confirm or discuss details and event logistics within three business days.  

    1. Once event details have been finalized, a Facility Usage Agreement will be emailed.  The event is not officially confirmed the Facility Usage Agreement has been signed and returned, and if applicable:

      1. The rental deposit has been paid.

      2. A certificate of liability insurance has been received.

      3. The group has complied with the Safety & Protection of Minors Policy.

  3. Groups may be required to schedule a pre-event meeting to review event logistics, staffing, and expectations.

  4. After the event has occurred, the organization will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance, if applicable.  The invoice must be paid in full within 30 days.

*Complex Events

  • An event will be defined as “complex” at the discretion of Recreational Sports staff and/or when the event includes two or more of the following criteria:

    • Fundraiser

    • Tournament

    • Contracted services (catering, stage, tent, inflatables, etc.)

    • Attendance of more than 50 participants

    • Participation by non-Recreational Sports members

    • Request is for multiple spaces

    • Multiple organizations are involved with the event

  • If an event is determined to be a complex event, a pre-approval meeting will be required to ensure the needs of the organization can be met and to review Recreational Sports expectations. 

  • Complex events require an Event Manager to be assigned for the duration of the event, and the sponsoring organization will be charged a staffing fee.  

Please review the Facility Scheduling and Rental Procedures Manual for a complete list of guidelines and procedures.  

Request Dates

All requests are processed on a first-come, first serve basis.  Requests for each semester will open according to the dates below.

  • Fall Semester

    • Registered Student Organizations & University Departments: July 15
    • Non-University Organizations: First day of class for the Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester

    • Registered Student Organizations & University Departments: October 15
    • Non-University Organizations: First day of class for the Spring Semester
  • Summer Semester

    • Registered Student Organizations & University Departments: February 15
    • Non-University Organizations: March 1

Space Request Forms

To reserve space at one of our facilities, or to request a tabling reservation, please click on the form below.  

*Please note, this is for facility space and tabling requests ONLY.  If you wish to request a program, taking place at a Rec Sports facilities or another location, please use the forms in the Program Request section below.  

Facility/Pool Rental & Tabling Request Form

To request a program taking place at a Rec Sports facility or at another location,
please select the appropriate form below.

Mobile Chair Massage Request Form

Private Group Exercise Class Request

Outdoor Adventure Program and Space Request Form