Virtual Programming

Virtual Trivia

VCU Rec Sports is excited to offer Virtual Trivia for anyone who wishes to participate (VCU Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, members of the Richmond Community, and beyond).  Play individually or with friends on a team. 

Through Monday, April 27, we will offer themed Trivia, after which it will be general trivia each week that covers multiple categories.  Games typically last between 1 and 1 ½ hours, depending on the number of individuals and/or teams participating.

Participation in Virtual Trivia is COMPLETELY FREE and only requires a pre-registration via Google Form. The Google Form must be completed so we can send you the zoom link to the event.  For any questions, please contact Michael Potter at

Upcoming Trivia Nights

All Trivia Nights are held 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

ThemeGame Date
Registration Link


Please use a personal email address instead of using your VCU account.

Recent Winners

VCU Trivia Night 1

  • Theme: United States
  • Winners: Lincoln’s Top Hat

VCU Trivia Night 2

  • Theme: Sports
  • Winners: Quaranteam

VCU Trivia Night 3 

  • Theme: Movies
  • Winners: Tripod

VCU Trivia Night 4

  • Theme: 2000’s Pop Culture
  • Winners: Purple Smash

VCU Trivia Night 5 

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Purple Smash

VCU Trivia Night 6 

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Fighting Mongooses

VCU Trivia Night 7

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Purple Smash

VCU Trivia Night 8

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Purple Smash

VCU Trivia Night 9

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Go PHM

VCU Trivia Night 10

  • Theme: General Trivia
  • Winner: Just for Fun


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