MCV Campus Rec & Aquatic Center is closed through Mon,1/22, due to major HVAC system leak. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with contractors and VCU FMD to repair as quickly as possible. We tentatively expect to reopen Tue, 1/ 23. This is subject to change. Larrick Student Center is open. Details at our Facility Status page.




Will Adams

Intramural Sports Coordinator

(804) 828-8839

Sam Albert

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator in Adventure Leadership and Teambuilding

(804) 828-8473

Carrie Baines

Wellness Coordinator

(804) 827-0319

Ashley Ball

Athletic Trainer

(804) 827-0404


Tony Brown

Lead Housekeeper

Anne Zielinski Brown
Anne Zielinski Brown

Business Operations Coordinator

(804) 828-6220

Jenna Bordeaux

Aquatics Graduate Assistant

Tell Carlson

Business Operations Assistant

(804) 827-0486

Thomas Koller

Aquatics Graduate Assistant

Steve Byrd

Associate Director, Programs

(804) 827-0323

Katherine Cappuccio

Business Operations Assistant

(804) 827-0518

Carrington Chambliss

Environmental Services Coordinator

(804) 828-7479

Sydney Dale

Fitness Graduate Assistant

Bob Fankhauser

Special Events and Camps Coordinator

(804) 827-0325

Jacob Fields

Fitness Graduate Assistant

Jordan Gardner

Sport Club and Risk Management Coordinator

(804) 828-8041

Amanda Gustin

Facility & Pool Maintenance Technician

(804) 827 0799

Meredith Hawkins

Associate Director, Facility Operations and Student Development

(804) 828-6402

Emily Helm

Marketing Graduate Assistant

Anthony Horn

Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

Derek Hottell, Ph.D.


(804) 827-0322

John Ippolito

Facility Maintenance Coordinator

(804) 828-3028

Al Jeffers

Fitness and Informal Recreation Equipment Coordinator

(804) 827-0403

Hannah Kotarski

Fitness Graduate Assistant

Connie Kottmann

Assistant Director, Marketing/Member Services

(804) 827-0318

Demitri Lahanas

Facility Graduate Assistant

David Lynch

OAP Graduate Assistant

(804) 828-6004

Anthony Muscatello

Assistant Director, External Relations

(804) 828-1702

Tommy Otterbine

Assistant Director, Structured Sports & Outreach Programming

(804) 827-8646

Joey Parent

Assistant Director, Outdoor Adventure Programs

(804) 828-8986

LaToya Pettiford

Assistant Director, Finance and Personnel

(804) 828-2438

Tracy Ross

Lead Housekeeper





Karl Schmidt

Interim Outdoor Adventure Coordinator

(804) 828-1274

Amanda Simmons

Interim Assistant Director, Aquatics & Facility Operations


Christina Spohn

OAP Graduate Assistant

Tachell Springs

Fiscal Assistant


Todd Steeley

Assistant Director, Facilities

(804) 827-1113

Nikki Stock

Fitness Coordinator

(804) 827-3712


Carolyn Tucker

Lead Housekeeper

Jalen Upshaw

Facilities Graduate Assistant

Justina Winston

Lead Housekeeper