March Rec Sports Rockstar Recipients

By Jason Lee on Nov. 22, 2019

Photo of March's Rec Sport Rockstars: John McIntosh and Alex Landolt

Congratulations to the two March Rec Sports Rockstars! Head Lifeguard John McIntosh and Head Group Exercise Instructor Alex Landolt were both nominated by their supervisors for excelling in their positions.

Both of McIntosh’s supervisors praise him for his ambition and willingness to go above and beyond for the department. According to Aquatics Coordinator Jenna Dillon, McIntosh “is an exceptional employee. He always uses his time effectively when on shift, ensuring that cleaning duties are getting done and that everything in the pools is running smoothly.” Aquatics Graduate Assistant Thomas Koller is also very pleased with McIntosh. “John has been picking up many shifts to help out his coworkers; he often will close the pool one night and (voluntarily) open the next morning to ensure shift coverage. He also works on Saturday mornings for swim lessons and brings a great positive energy. As a team, we truly believe that John deserves to be recognized by the entire department with this honor because of his dedicated service.”

McIntosh reflects on their time with the department, stating they were hesitant to apply after always living in small communities. After beginning their position, however, McIntosh came to enjoy the work, the Aquatics team and the professionalism that came with the job. “I feel as if this is the place for an individual to grow into a professional. The staff [helps] shape the student workers into adults and [provides] lessons I will need in professional work environments. That is why I love working at VCU Rec Sports.”

Alex Landolt was nominated by Group Exercise Coordinator Hannah Kotarski. “Alex has been serving Rec Sports as a Group Exercise Instructor since December 2017.” Since then, Landolt has taken on additional employment opportunities across department areas including OAP, as a Teambuilding Facilitator and Climbing Wall Attendant, and in Fitness, as a Personal Trainer. Alex was also quickly promoted in Group Exercise to a Head Instructor. “In addition to all of her success at Rec Sports,” says Kotarski, “Alex is inspiring the community of Richmond as she promotes a light-hearted and balanced environment to everyone she encounters.” Landolt aims to inspire the community by hosting monthly classes for children at a local daycare and for seniors at a local retirement home.

According to Landolt, their time with Rec Sports has been a “growing experience. Being involved in multiple departments has allowed me to experience different aspects of such a large community and encouraged me to get involved in ways I hadn't expected. Being a Yoga Instructor with Group Exercise has been a truly illuminating and fulfilling experience where I've been able to share with others the benefits yoga has given me. It has been the most genuinely rewarding experience of my college career.”