Join us for the annual Water Safety Fest

By Jason Lee on Nov. 22, 2019

Two children sit in pool and hang onto the edge of the wall.

Join us as we celebrate National Water Safety Month at our annual Water Safety Festival! The festival will take place on Saturday, May 4 from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in the Cary Street Gym Aquatic Center.

Activities will include teaching strategies for water safety and how to advocate it as well. Prizes, giveaways, food and drinks will be available for all to enjoy.

Aquatics Graduate Assistant Thomas Koller is thrilled to host this year’s festival. “The Water Safety Festival is an opportunity for our members to understand the importance of water safety in our community by engaging with fun activities led by our passionate instructors. Our instructors take this opportunity to make our members more water-conscious and encourage everyone to find joy in the water. We recognize the vital role of swimming and water activities in a balanced lifestyle that builds great physical and mental health as well as enhance the quality of life for all people of all ages.”

Koller believes teaching the importance of water safety is beneficial for all. “Swimming is a very popular competitive sport and recreational activity for people of all ages. This results in the need for continuing education on safe water practices, including swim lessons, the buddy system, parental supervision, following the posted rules and always being water aware for all people involved in the aquatic environment.”

According to Koller, “The Water Safety Festival is an excellent opportunity for all families, and swimmers of all abilities, to learn about our safe swimming facilities and aquatic programs that provide a healthy environment to learn, grow, and build confidence in and around the water.” Festival attendees will learn about various programs offered by Rec Sports, including Children, Adult and Private Swim Lessons.

“We are excited to see families and kids enjoy our pools with fun lessons, games and opportunities to try new sports like Log Rolling,” says Koller. “This is a celebration to kick off Water Safety Month and a safe summer of 2019 whether we choose to swim in local pools, the James River or the ocean - everyone at the Water Safety Festival will be water aware!"