February Rec Sports Rockstars Award Recipients

By Jason Lee on Nov. 22, 2019

Photo of two Rec Sports Rockstars

Congratulations to the February Rec Sports Rockstars!

Outdoor Adventure Program Setting and Slacklining Manager Michael "MJ" Imondo and Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Head Instructor Quincy Carter were both named Rockstars for their tenacity to help grow their respective departments.

Michael "MJ" Imondo 

Imondo was nominated by their supervisor, OAP Graduate Assistant Christina Spohn, for their leadership and organizational skills. These skills were expressed recently when Imondo helped manage the OAP’s annual climbing event, the Cary Street Crux. “MJ had a critical role in making sure the Climbing Wall was ready for the event. He led a team of 6-8 other students, and he is a servant leader through and through. He is always working alongside of his team, and he gives them clear expectations and goals to work towards. He is not the most outspoken OAP staff, but his leadership is critical to the success of programs at the Cary Street Climbing Wall.”

Imondo loves working at VCU Rec Sports for its culture of sharing skills and knowledge. “I personally have watched myself grow from someone being taught all these new skills surrounding climbing into someone teaching my coworkers these same skills. I walk into work with a ‘What can I teach my coworkers today?’ attitude, and it has paid off in innumerable ways. [The OAP] is, by far, the best professional development I have received. If I have a new idea about something we could offer, whether it be a new clinic or a better use of the resources we already have, the attitude is always: ‘How can we make this work?’” 

Quincy Carter 

Carter was nominated by both of their supervisors, Senior Fitness Coordinator Sydney Dale and Fitness Graduate Student Jacob Fields. Dale and Fields agree that Carter is an exceptional employee for their ability to master multiple positions within the department. According to Dale, Carter is “actively working to improve himself not only as a fitness professional, but also his professionalism in general. He's never afraid to ask questions, ask for clarification, and is always working towards being better in his work. Quincy is also a leader and friend to his peers, and always willing to help others with learning new skills. Many of his coworkers see him as a genuine, true friend they can count on.” Fields states, “Quincy always puts his clients first and consistently is looking for ways to better himself, which makes him an outstanding performer on our team.”

Carter believes working with the department has been a great learning experience in addition to his undergraduate studies. “Working with amazing peers and knowledgeable supervisors has certainly helped develop my confidence to keep pushing myself and strive for greatness. Being an employee here is so much different than any other position I’ve worked due to the fact that everyone here is focused on improving not only their skills, but the skills of everyone they come in contact with. Being hired here was a blessing.”