Rec Sports Rockstar Awards Recipients

By Daniel Reid Puryear on Nov. 22, 2019

Gina Kihnley and Emma Troy

 Gina Kihnley (Left) and Emma Troy (Right)


The November 2018 Rec Sports Rockstar Awards recipients are Gina Kihnley and Emma Troy. Kihnley is a Personal Trainer in the VCU Class of 2018. Troy is also in the VCU Class of 2018 and is a Trip Leader and Manager for the Outdoor Adventure Program. 

VCU Recreational Sports Student Development Committee recognizes staff members who have been exemplary in their position and have been nominated by their supervisor with the Rec Sports Rockstar Award.

Gina Kihnley

Sydney Dale, Fitness Coordinator, nominated Kihnley for her exceptional rapport with her clients as well as her overall passion for the position.

"Gina cares deeply about everyone she comes in contact with. Her clients greatly benefit from her individualized approach, and she attempts to look at each client holistically. The time and dedication that she spends programming and planning for each client is above and beyond our expectations. Each client can assure that Gina will take care of them, educate them and push them to reach their goals. Gina also loves looking out for her peers and teammates, and has been known to create community in our team. Above all, Gina's energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness, as well as people, sets a positive example for our program," Dale stated. 

Gina Kihnley gave credit to the VCU Rec Sports facilities as well as her coworkers and clients for her being able to love what she does. 

"I love working at RecSports for a few great reasons: I love my coworkers and managers; they make this environment an amazing work space and place to come to so many hours each week. Personal training and working with clients can change any bad mood I may have into an amazing feeling when I walk out the doors to leave after. My clients can change my entire day. I love coaching people through lifts and helping them learn new things in the gym, and Cary Street Gym is such an AMAZING gym to do that at because of all of the amazing resources here," Kihnley said.

Emma Troy

Award recipient, Emma Troy, was nominated by her supervisors at the Outdoor Adventure Program. Customer service, problem solving and an amazing initiative to get things done were just a few of the characteristics that warranted Troy's nomination. 

"I enjoy working for Rec Sports because of what the Outdoor Adventure Program has done for me. It changed my life completely. It introduced me to the outdoor sports that I now love such as mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing. Not only has it given me new skills, the OAP has given me adventures and taken me places: Peru to hike the Santa Cruz Trek, and given me the gear I needed to bike-pack across Iceland (you read that right - from the northern tip to the southern tip). I've met friends that have similar interests as me, friendships that will last lifetimes and span more [exciting] adventures to come. I do not know where my life would be with out the Outdoor Adventure Program, so I am thankful to have had this opportunity," Troy said.

As a manager and trip leader, Troy not only needs to excel with the Outdoor Adventure Program's patrons but, she needs to do so while being on the lookout for any problems with the trip. The VCU alum not only stayed on track of everything and was ready for any scenario but, exceeded her responsibilities and made working with her a dream. 

"As a Rec Sports employee, Emma plays an important role in the OAP's work culture and esprit de corps, as well providing high quality customer service and staff training for the Outing Rental Center. She has continuously sought out formal and informal leadership and mentorship opportunities at the OAP and in the community. Beyond her outstanding ability to self direct and problem solve as a manager, Emma has pushed to further women's involvement in outdoor recreation at VCU. On a day to day basis, Emma serves as one of the primary employee trainers and has worked with pro staff to develop a training competency list for all staff. Outside of her normal responsibilities Emma was recently involved with the "No Man's Land Film Festival", [an event put on by OAP and Rec Sports], as a discussion panelist and event volunteer. It's rare to have an undergrad like Emma who works to further the VCU Rec Sports mission and maintain such a high level of stoke. Emma Troy is a Rec Sports Rock Star!" Program staff for the Outdoor Adventure Program stated.