New Instructional Programming

By Daniel Reid Puryear on Nov. 22, 2019


The Fitness and Wellness program within VCU Recreational Sports is launching a new set of classes and opportunities to engage in skill-based learning, Instructional Programs. These courses will help Rec Sports members work towards specific skills within an activity or sport.


In the past, Olympic-style lifting classes have been offered over an eight week period to develop proficiency in the snatch and clean & jerk. Now, we’ll be utilizing the MCV FIT Zone on a drop-in basis twice a month to get more individualized instruction on these movements. The popularization of Powerlifting has also inspired us to implement a course for those who are looking to gain strength in the squat, deadlift and bench press. The Intro to Powerlifting class will also include registration to enter our first Ram Strength Powerlifting Meet, however participation in this event is not required.  


Utilizing the Thalhimer Tennis Center, qualified Tennis instructors will be able to coach members on an individual basis.  These Tennis Lessons may help those interested in the newly created, Intramural Sports Tennis League. Additionally, there will be two sessions of group Tennis classes for those who are looking to learn in a more social and community-focused environment.


One of our most anticipated programs will be the 10K training program, that will run in conjunction with VCU’s Massey Cancer Center to prepare for the well known Monument 10K race in April. Students, Faculty and Staff will have the opportunity to work towards completing a race, as well as learning more about supporting exercises for running, recovery, mechanics and more.


Lastly, we’ll be implementing two beginner programs for those interested in diving deep into Yoga and Pilates. Both will be held in our beautiful Marshall St. Studio, which is directly next to the VCU Athletics Basketball Development Center. If you’ve been looking to expand your Yoga practice, or strengthen your core, these programs are for you!


With a long course list and programs spread out amongst four Rec Sports facilities, members and students alike will be able to benefit. The new Instructional Programming is a paid program and will require registration and a class cost.


The new program will kickoff in Spring 2019 with registration opening up December 31.