Staff Spotlight: Ella Gray

By Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez on Nov. 22, 2019

Photo of Aquatics employee Ella Gray smiling in front of pool

Ella Gray started working as a lifeguard in the Rec Sports Aquatics Department in Spring 2017. VCU Rec Sports Aquatics Coordinator, Jenna Bordeaux says that hiring Ella was an easy decision because, “I think that whenever we go into an interview we try and look for the people that will fit in with the culture that we have tried to create. We want positive people, people who are hardworking, people who value relationships.” Ella actively displays and lives out these values on a daily business both with her coworkers and to Rec Sports members. 

Described by her coworkers as “helpful, witty, and interactive.” Ella’s relationship-building skills are also valued among her other exemplary qualities. Aquatics Graduate Assistant Thomas Koller recalled a time Ella stepped up during a staff training saying, “At our in-service training she was always ready to share stories about her experience. There was an instance when a new employee was experiencing something and Ella shared a story about a time when she went through that experience in front of everyone. Being willing to help everyone out by sharing that was really impressive.”

Swimming has always been a big part of Ella’s life, “I love both the sport and leisure aspect of it as well as teaching others how to swim and helping them become more comfortable in the water. I specifically wanted to join VCU Rec Sports because I agree with their values and wanted to further involve myself at VCU.” says Gray.

In addition to being a part of helping members feel more comfortable in the water, Ella says her favorite thing about working with Rec Sports is the people she gets to work with. It’s safe to say that the feeling is mutual.