How to Play Intramural Sports

By Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez on Nov. 22, 2019

Intramural players smiling on the four court gym.

Joining a VCU Rec Sports Intramural Sports team is a great way to make new friends, and play with old ones, all while improving your overall wellness. Rec Sports offers Men’s, Women’s and Open divisions and all VCU students and VCU Faculty/Staff are eligible to play with a valid Rec Sports Membership.




At Rec Sports, you can participate in Intramural Sports in two ways: by joining a team or playing as a free agent. Team registration is easy, simply visit https://portal.recsports.vcu.edu/ click through to the Fusion IM page and login with your VCUeid credentials.


To ensure that you and your team will be eligible to play, team registration must be done before the closing date for the league as posted online.




All Intramural leagues contain divisions. These divisions are named for the day and time of the week that the team plays.



Sportsmanship is the name of the game when it comes to Intramurals! VCU Rec Sports believes in good sportsmanship to be an important part of Intramural Sports and encourages all participants to practice it in each game.


For more information on game-play, click here.


Joining an Intramural team is a fun alternative recreation activity to add to your wellness routine that will leave you satisfied physically and socially.


VCU Rec Sports Intramural Coordinator Will Adams is just as excited about the upcoming year saying, “This year we will be offering what we are calling Pick-up and Play's.  These unique events will be one day offerings during a portion of time where you can come out and learn how to play the sport or activity that is taking place for that Pick-up and Play!”

That’s not the only change happening for IM Sports this year.  Adams also mentioned a change in the tournament schedule. “Tournaments will no longer be a one day event, instead they will take place over the course of a few weeks and opponents matched up in the tournament will be given a time frame of a few days to play one another and then report back to us their results!  This change was made to be more inclusive to everyone's busy schedules and allow more to take part in our tournaments and unique offerings!”