How to Use Lockers

By Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez on Nov. 22, 2019

Member using the lockers.

Lockers are a resource available to all Rec Sports members at both Cary Street Gym and the MCV Campus Recreation Center. Lockers can be used to store personal items such as phones, bags, keys, and  non-gym friendly shoes. There are two types of lockers available for members:

Day Use Lockers

These lockers are designated as “Day Use” because they may be used for one day at a time. All items should be removed from the Day Use lockers prior to the facilities’ closing each night, and any items left in these lockers at closing will be removed and taken to the Lost and Found located at the Service Desk.

To lock the electronic lock on your Day Use locker:

  1. Insert personal items and firmly shut the locker door
  2. Press “start” and enter a 4-digit code (choose a code that is unique to you but that you’ll easily remember).
  3. Press the lock symbol.
  4. Look for the flashing red light to ensure that your items are secure.

Rental Lockers

These lockers are available to Rec Sports members for rent on a semester or annual basis. The fee for these lockers are prorated and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Locker rentals may be renewed during the final 30 days of the rental period in order to maintain possession of the rented for consecutive rental periods. You can rent/renew your locker during the facilities’ designated office hours.

Visit our member benefits page for more information on rental lockers.