Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Through sport, fitness, outdoor adventure, experiential leadership development, and instructional programs, Recreational Sports inspires and empowers the VCU community to commit to a lifetime of wellness.

Our Vision

Inspiring and empowering a lifetime of wellness.

Our Values

VCU Recreational Sports fosters a community committed to excellence by upholding the VCU Division of Student Affairs values of community, diversity, integrity, student success, and wellness.

We develop meaningful and collaborative relationships with others to positively impact student learning and engagement. We achieve this by encouraging staff in the Division to become lifelong learners by providing a variety of professional development activities.

We seek to empower all members of our community by providing inclusive environments, advocating for social justice, and fostering equity.

We uphold the highest ethical standards of honesty, openness, and transparency. We utilize assessment, data, and research to inform resource management, decision-making, and practices with an intentional focus on student learning and program sustainability.

Student Success
We contribute to the success, persistence, and employability of students by providing leadership in wellness, diversity, and experiential learning. We create innovative student-centered experiences and proactively respond to the diverse needs of our student body.

We promote the comprehensive holistic development of the physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, social, and spiritual health of our campus community members.

Recreational Sports Commitment to Inclusion

One of our core values is inclusion. We strive for our programs and facilities to be places where individual and cultural identities are not only supported but valued.

Colleges and universities provide an important opportunity for each one of us to engage with difference, to learn about cultures and identities different than our own, and in so doing, learn more fully about our own beliefs, values, and identities. Recreation plays an integral role in this process by encouraging individuals with various identities, abilities, and cultural backgrounds to engage in the common pursuit of fitness, sport, or outdoor adventure.

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