Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Through sport, fitness, outdoor adventure, experiential leadership development, and instructional programs, Recreational Sports inspires and empowers the VCU community to commit to a lifetime of wellness.

Our Vision

Inspiring and empowering a lifetime of wellness.

Our Values
  • Inclusion

Our programs and facilities are places where individual and cultural identities are valued and supported.

  • Balance

We recognize the importance of balance in all aspects of life and provide the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Service

With a mindset of continual improvement, we strive for excellence in the quality of our facilities, programs, and delivery of services.

  • Learning

We promote lifelong learning and personal development through opportunities that build a strong body and mind.

  • Sustainability

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our practices and best utilizing our resources to help us grow towards a more sustainable future.

  • Community

As an integral part of the greater university community, we foster collaborative efforts to achieve a shared common vision where ideas and relationships can grow.

  • Fun

We provide experiences that support and enrich lives through play.

Recreational Sports Commitment to Inclusion

One of our core values is inclusion. We strive for our programs and facilities to be places where individual and cultural identities are not only supported, but valued.

Colleges and universities provide an important opportunity for each one of us to engage with difference, to learn about cultures and identities different than our own, and in so doing, learn more fully about our own beliefs, values, and identities. Recreation plays an integral role in this process by encouraging individuals with various identities, abilities, and cultural backgrounds to engage in the common pursuit of fitness, sport, or outdoor adventure.

We believe that Everyone Can Play.