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Wellness Programs
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Wellness Programs
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Dimensions of Wellness

Below are resources to help you design your individualized Wellness Plan.

Emotional wellness
Emotional Wellness

Effectively coping with life's adventures, seeking and providing support, and creating meaningful and satisfying relationships with others.

Environmental Wellness

Creating a positive and sustainable living/working environment.

Financial Wellness

Securing a positive relationship with your finances which may include debt management, budgeting, saving and smart investing.

Intellectual Wellness

Actively participating in your education by applying lessons learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Professional Wellness

Establishing a positive and productive work-life balance.

Social Wellness

Developing a strong sense of social connection, belonging, and support systems within your community.

Physical Wellness

Finding a balance for physical activity, healthy eating, and quality sleep in your daily life.

Spiritual Wellness

Finding harmony and sense of purpose to lead a meaningful life.