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Join OAP for an epic trek in Iceland, July 22-20, 2017! Find out more. 

Trips and Instructional Courses - Click the titles below to view full descriptions, trip costs, and registration. 

Weekly Activities are FREE for VCU Students and Rec Sports members. Register early as these activities fill up quickly! 
All activities start at the Outing Rental Center.

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Date Activity Type Title
July 19 Weekly Activity  Whitewater Kayak Clinic
July 20 Weekly Activity   Mountain Bike Ride
July 21 Weekly Activity  Rafting Clinic
July 22 - 23 Weekend Trip Backpacking and Yoga Weekend
July 22 - 30 Break Trip Iceland Trekking 
July 24 Weekly Activity  Stand Up Paddleboard Clinic
July 25 Weekly Activity  Kayak Roll Clinic
July 26 Weekly Activity Whitewater Kayak Clinic
July 27 Weekly Activity   Mountain Bike Ride
July 28  Weekly Activity Rafting Clinic
July 29 Day Trip Day Hike
July 31 Weekly Activity  Stand Up Paddleboard Clinic
Aug 1 Weekly Activity   Kayak Roll Clinic
Aug 2 Weekly Activity Whitewater Kayak Clinic
Aug 3 Weekly Activity   Mountain Bike Ride
Aug 4 Weekly Activity Rafting Clinic
Aug 5-6 Weekend Trip Intermediate Kayaking Weekend
Aug 7 Weekly Activity   Stand Up Paddleboard Clinic
Aug 8 Weekly Activity   Kayak Roll Clinic
Aug 9 Weekly Activity  Whitewater Kayak Clinic
Aug 10 Weekly Activity  Mountain Bike Ride
Aug 11 Weekly Activity Rafting Clinic

Fall 2017 Trips

Date Trip Register by:
Sept. 2 Three-Day Backpacking Aug. 29
Sept. 9 Beach Stand-Up Paddleboard Sept. 5
Sept. 9-10 Sea Kayaking Weekend Sept. 5
Sept. 10 Day Hike Sept. 5
Sept. 16-17 Rock Climbing Weekend Sept. 12
Sept. 16 Day Sea Kayaking Sept. 12
Sept. 17 Day Raft Sept. 12
Sept. 23 Day Stand-Up Paddleboard Sept. 19
Sept. 24 Day Hike Sept. 19
Sept. 30 Day Bike Sept. 26
Sept. 30 Day Cave Sept. 26
Oct. 1 Day Climb Sept. 26
Oct. 1 Day Raft Sept. 26
Oct. 7-8 Backpacking and Yoga Weekend Oct. 3
Oct. 7 Day Canoe Oct. 3
Oct. 14 Day Hike Oct. 10
Oct. 14-15 Sea Kayaking Weekend Oct. 10
Oct. 15 Day River Stand-Up Paddleboard Oct. 10
Oct. 19-22 Backpacking Oct. 17
Oct. 28-29 Canoe Weekend  Oct. 24
Nov. 4-5 Rock Climbing Weekend Oct. 31
Nov. 4-5 Yoga and Sea Kayaking Weekend Oct. 31
Nov. 11-12 Bicycle Tour Weekend Nov. 7
Nov. 11 Day Hike Nov. 7

Fall 2017 Clinics

All clinics are held in the Outing Rental Center with the exception of the Climbing Skills Clinics which are held at the Cary Street Gym Climbing Wall and Machester climbing area.

Day Clinic Time
Monday Stand-Up Paddleboard Clinic 3:00-6:00pm
Tuesday Kayak Pool Sessions 7:00-9:00pm
Wednesday Kayak River Clinic 3:00-8:00pm
Thursday Mountain Bike Rides 3:00-6:00pm
Rotating Climbing Skills Clinic TBA


Featured Clinics

The following clinics are held in the Outing Rental Center and will only be held twice a semester. Register for featured clinics here on the MyRecSports portal.

Learn How to Fix a Flat

Feeling a little deflated? Come learn about common causes of flat tires and how to prevent them. Our bicycle experts will demonstrate how to fix a flat and you'll even have a chance to practice. Feel free to bring your bike or use one of ours. (The OAP does not sell bicycle inner tubes; if you are repairing a flat tire on your bike, please bring the appropriate tube for your bike.)

Thursday, September 21- 6:00-7:00pm

Tuesday, October 17- 6:00-7:00pm


Basic Bicycle Maintneance

Modern bicycles are simple yet complex machines. But did you know there are plenty of things you can do to keep your ride running smoothly without spending much time, effort, or money? The OAP bike maintenance crew will demonstrate how to clean, lube, and adjust your bike to keep you rolling and avoid costly repairs down the road. No need to bring your bike; just bring your curiosity and questions.

Tuesday, October 3- 6:00-8:00pm

Thursday, October 26- 6:00-8:00pm


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