Group Exercise Classes

Congratulations to our March Madness winners! Michelle Anderson 102; Doreen Amoaful 70; Brittany Amefu 60; Jessica Lawrence 56; Steven Keener 52; Luisa Forger 45; Maia Vergara 45; Ryan Kim 42; Gery Terrazas 39; Chynna Napper 38. 

 Click here to register for currently open Group Ex Classes.

Group Exercise Program Guidelines


  • Registration opens 24 hours before a class begins.
  • When you click on a class name in the list, you will be asked to sign in, and then you will be linked to the class description and location.
  • Check the location of the class you are registering for! 
  • Click the yellow "Register" button to reserve your space in the class. 
  • TO CANCEL A REGISTRATION for a group exercise class, please call our service desk at 804-827-1100 with the date/time/class name.



Downloadable/Printable Schedules

‌‌Cary Street Gym Spring 2017 Group Ex Schedule

MCV Campus Spring 2017 Group Ex Schedule